Tuesday, February 10, 2009

6 days and counting

I am so thankful to everyone who has been following this blog and our progress as we have moved closer and closer to our Grand Opening. The past two weeks have been great. Our goal for the first Preview Service was to figure out how to get everything set up. We did, but just barely. Last week was much smoother. (we have smarter than your average launch team members) We are not hyper-concerned about the number of people who show up for our services at this point, but I was encouraged that we had 50 our first service and 66 this past week. My prayer is that this week will be a true witness of who God is and how faithful He is to those who call on His name.

Thanks again for all your support. Check back here next week for an update on our launch.

grace & peace.



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Hey David, I'm also a new pastor to the New Bern area. I'm praying things go great on your launch this weekend. I believe God is doing something special here and it's going to take us all to be part of it!

Michael Crocker